Friday, August 23, 2013

{ I Survived The Training Course }

Heh heh... #burpees #crossfit

This is a true story. I did fast succession burpees over the past 2 days. Cliche as it may be I hate them. They may jump off a bridge and I'd be fine with it.

However I love wall balls and sit ups and I want to love box jumps. Headstand push ups... those will take some time. Wowza. 

But I am extremely excited. I'm sore everywhere and I feel that competitive edge creeping in from when I was swimming. The dread of going to the workout mixed with the anticipation of beating someone, anyone. The best part so fr has been everyone is so encouraging. Sucking it up, all good someone is yelling "You can do this!" behind you.

The other part I love is having a trainer there constantly making sure my form is good. Helping me stay safe, work on fundamentals, and encouraging me through the whole workout. I like it, I don't full love it yet but I think it's getting there.

I'm committed for a month to seeing if I can be a CrossFitter. I definitely want to. Being strong is absolutely on my to do list. I get so ticked off when I can't open a pickle jar. CrossFit should do the trick!


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heh. #CrossFit #fitness #sports #other #humor #funny

This woman is my inspiration! Her body is unbelievable and her blog is hysterical!     CrossFit -- Juli Bauer aka PaleOMG

You've got that right!

Happy Friday Y'all....


  1. i hate wall balls. everything else just sucks a little more or little less depending on my mood for the day but wall balls i will always hate.

  2. You go girl!!!! And burpees suck. They just do.

  3. Burpees do indeed suck. But, definitely good job for you!! :)

  4. THIS IS GREAT - congrats! Ugh yea burpees are so hard, but I feel like they whip you into shape in no time! (Sidenote: I used to be a swimmer too :) Just joined a masters team so we will see how that goes...)

    <3, Charlotte


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