Wednesday, September 4, 2013

{ Oh Hey September... }

Did y'all notice tomorrow is Wednesday and the 4th of September? Say what?! Exactly where is time going? I just hit 60 days at my amazing new job, 2 full weeks at crossfit, and my horses still live in Statesboro. Win some lose some right? I figured I'd drop back in and do some Oh How Pinteresting in honor of my baby sister getting engaged! 

And that I've been pinning like mad lately. Also does anyone have any suggestions for shoes? Mine are killing my feet at CrossFit and I'd like something that wouldn't make it CrossFit harder than it already is!

My #ottb and his new flymask. He looks fabulous. #horse #thoroughbred #slewbaby
That's right. I pinned Gentry's fabulous mask...

I see my #OTTB in his grandfather everytime I look at this photo. Bent knees and that "Seattle Slew" head. I don't care what anyone says, there's a reason he's the only undefeated Triple Crown Champion. Proud to own a Slew Baby.
Gentry's Grandfather

Horse Barns Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 9

OTTB tee! Gotta get it:

Want this like now!

reclaimed halter bag   Phabbie market bag   by Pinnell Custom Leather.

Navy and White Wedding Ideas

Tory Burch

true this . . .

Classic and stylish for weekend wear. To give it an edge these would be cute with ripped jeans...

customized cornhole for your wedding and then take them home!

#Cat Wedding Tuxedo ... Wedding ideas for brides & bridesmaids, grooms & groomsmen, parents & planners ... … plus how to organise an entire wedding, without overspending ♥ The Gold Wedding Planner iPhone App ♥

Bar Cart


Love this.

Crossfit girl. She is gorgeous.

Crossfit Girls- this is great! =>  I believe Crossfit girls are some of the sexiest!! GOAL!

crossfit-girl-beer-e1329835665272-1024x947.jpg 1,024×947 pixels

Style Guide: Accent Colors

2 carat cushion cut, micro pave engagement ring...2 carats??? I GUESS that's acceptable. ;)

Something to keep in mind from Jillian Michaels!

SEC Football Individual Awards Announced

SEC football is your life.
SEC football ecard #Recipes

And that's all I've got ladies. I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and got a ton of rest. I know mine was nice and relaxing and slow. Thank Goodness.

Friday, August 23, 2013

{ I Survived The Training Course }

Heh heh... #burpees #crossfit

This is a true story. I did fast succession burpees over the past 2 days. Cliche as it may be I hate them. They may jump off a bridge and I'd be fine with it.

However I love wall balls and sit ups and I want to love box jumps. Headstand push ups... those will take some time. Wowza. 

But I am extremely excited. I'm sore everywhere and I feel that competitive edge creeping in from when I was swimming. The dread of going to the workout mixed with the anticipation of beating someone, anyone. The best part so fr has been everyone is so encouraging. Sucking it up, all good someone is yelling "You can do this!" behind you.

The other part I love is having a trainer there constantly making sure my form is good. Helping me stay safe, work on fundamentals, and encouraging me through the whole workout. I like it, I don't full love it yet but I think it's getting there.

I'm committed for a month to seeing if I can be a CrossFitter. I definitely want to. Being strong is absolutely on my to do list. I get so ticked off when I can't open a pickle jar. CrossFit should do the trick!


#crossfit #motivation

heh. #CrossFit #fitness #sports #other #humor #funny

This woman is my inspiration! Her body is unbelievable and her blog is hysterical!     CrossFit -- Juli Bauer aka PaleOMG

You've got that right!

Happy Friday Y'all....

Monday, August 19, 2013

{ I'm Going to Crossfit }

Bet y'all thought I forgot about this little piece of blog land. Wrong. I'm just petrified of opening it on my work computer. But I continue to strive to get back here more and more. Maybe it'll happen soon. Anywhoo...

We're going to crossfit! And we're pretty damn excited. We always said we'd do this once we moved. Well we found out the other day there is a box around the corner from out apartment. No excuses anymore. So the boyfriend signed us up. We're both pretty unhappy with our bodies and we work really well in team dynamics so hopefully this is the solution for us.

Hopefully we don't leave sweating blood and half dead! Wish us luck!